New App: Shabbat Times

Hello! There is a new App on the Google Play strore:

Shabbat Times

It calculates the proper lighting times for Shabbat and Havdalah for the current week based on your location.

try it on the Google Play store here

Worth Shop Open

Good News! The Worth shop is open for business! Currently you can pay for consulting services (Include your invoice #).

You can also purchase Lisa’s Home Cooking Collection, written by a good friend of mine. It contains some very good recipes that you will enjoy.

You can also leave a tip (shekels), if you feel some advice was very usefull.

You can view the shop at

also you can buy the recipe book at


Just in time for Passover, I have written (as a challenge from a friend) a simple Afikomen game. It is a simple puzzle with 25 books called Haggadahs. Under the book, there is a piece of Matza called an Afikomen. If you find it, it will play a little song.

Hope you like it.

You can get in in the Google Play store here