Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter 2.0 !

Good news everyone! Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter now has the ability to split bills from groups. It is now available in the Google Play Store

It will calculate meal cost including shared items and tax and tip. So next time you are at the restaurant with your friends, there will be no more arguing about the bill!

It is available HERE at the Google Play Store. Download it today.

Tip Calculator and Bill SPlitter

QR Pocket

QR Pocket 2.1.1 has been released along with QR Pocket Lite.

QR PocketLite allows you to convert a URL to a Scalable QR code (SVG format) that you can download.

QR Pocket for Android allows you to scan QR codes and also create your own and stores them for later use.

Try lite version here. Also now on the Extras page.

QR Pocket 2.0 App Released! Scan and Bookmark.

QR Pocket, Scan QR codes and Bookmark App.

Good news everybody! QR Pocket has been released. The interface is now smother and faster and you can now search your QR Code cards. There are also now tooltips to help you out. Give it a try. We are also working on version 2.1, will more features.

This app allows you to scan and save QR Codes, So you can view them later. You can also share QR Codes you scanned, or create your own, so you can share them with friends, coworkers or family. No need for copy and pasting links and emailing them. Just show the QR Code. You can even share directly through your phones web browsers.

Give it a try. Please try it out and give me some feedback.

Get it HERE!

Lisa’s Meetup Group App

For those who are members of the following Meetup Group, or wish to join (Lot’s of fun!), the meetup app has been updated (Now compatible with their GraphQL api):

  • Happy Trails Walking Club
  • Super Socials North York TO, and Thornhill
  • Lisa’s Jewish Social Club

It is now available on Google Play.

If you want to know what events Lisa is planning, download it at


Pleaes note,: Please RSVP to events you wish to attend.

New App: Shabbat Times

Hello! There is a new App on the Google Play strore:

Shabbat Times

It calculates the proper lighting times for Shabbat and Havdalah for the current week based on your location.

try it on the Google Play store here

Happy Hanukah, Android App Menorah and Dreidel

Happy Hanukah! Worth Consulting has two amazing Android Apps for Hanukah, a Menorah and Dreidel Android app:


Simple Dreidel

Try them out and tell me what you think!



A Menorah that light a candle every day. Includes prayers and a song!

Simple Dreidel


A Deidel that includes a game and the Dreidel Song!

And don’t forget to rate the apps and tell me what you like and what you don’t like!

Don’t eat too many latkas!